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Suou desu. Tadaima denwani deru koto wa dekimasen. Pii toiu hassin on no ato ni onamae to goyoken o hanasikudasai....

This is Katsuya Suou. Sorry, I cannot answer my phone at this time. Please lease a message after the tone.
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It all started with a simple gesture of kindness.

Tatsuya's birthday, the first event for the Suou family after the passing of their mother. Katsuya'd stayed up most of the night reading through his mother's recipe books and old magazines. Taken an extra train to visit the grocery store on his way home from school before working feverishly throughout the afternoon.

The cake was a little bit over mixed, the frosting a tad too sweet but Tatsuya's face had lit up the room when he proclaimed that he loved the cake before stuffing more of it into his chubby cheeks.

That was the day Katsuya decided he'd become the world's best baker, if only to make his little brother smile like that more often. Smiles that were so rare now without their mother. With their father always away with a case. He practiced for every special event. Every holiday. Each time Tatsuya laughed it strengthened Katsuya's resolve. And what's more, he found he loved to bake.

So he baked.

And he decorated.

And then baked some more.

"I don't want any."

Tatsuya's face twisted into a scowl, pushing the plate away. Katsuya made sweets again. He always made sweets. If there was a school event Katsuya baked. If there was a holiday, Katsuya baked. If it was a bad day his big brother baked and Tatsuya could take no more of it. He wrinkled his little nose and pushed himself away from the table.

"But it's your favorite." Katsuya didn't understand. Had he done something wrong? Everything tasted the same as it usually did he thought.

"It was. I'm gonna go play outside till supper."

The elder Suou stared down at the untouched piece of sponge cake on the table for several minutes after his brother had run off out the door. Maybe he had gone too far. With a sigh he pulled the chair back out and sat down at his brother's seat and began eating the piece of cake.

Now how was he supposed to make his brother happy?
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He'd put off making a decision.

What did Katsuya think would change in the time he waited? His brother wasn't coming back. His job was more of the same. And his personal devoid as it had been. At this rate, he was making excuses to not do something that would give him happiness.

But Radio had kept offering. Kept insisting she was sincere about the opportunity. And the prospect was thrilling. Opening a bakery in the Nexus? Being able to do what he loved daily? Why would he not want to? Other than the cynicism that something was bound to go wrong because these things never work out for him, that is.

He's wanted to say yes since the moment Radio offered. So he sends her a text, finally. It's simple, short, and concise.

If the offer is still open, I am interested.
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There's a set of vending machines, not too far from the Police Department. It's something the officer usually complains about, corrupting the youth and other some such moral outrages. It's his first stop tonight, to buy a pack of cigarettes-- a Chinese brand he'd grown used to in the company of old friends.

He doesn't have a lighter, but really. He's the last man on the planet that needs help getting a fire going. He tucks the rest of the pack into his suit jacket and starts wandering. Anywhere except home and his empty apartment.

Tonight...tonight Katsuya thinks he deserves a drink.
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The wonderful thing about the Nexus is that it's usually fairly easy to find the regulars because of their preferred spots for lounging about the forum. This makes Katsuya's current task all the more convenient as he makes his way from the stall of the Velvet Room.

The suspect had to be around here somewhere. Always lounging about and starting fights with the resident magi of the Nexus. He finds what he's looking for in a blonde man working on a small glass device on one of the many Nexus couches, a cup of coffee sitting next to him.

"I need your assistance in regards to a case of the utmost importance. Your cooperation would be...appreciated."
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A day planner laid out on Katsuya's kitchen counter has a big red circle over the date.

October first.

The officer wipes his glasses clean with a cloth and removes the apron he'd been wearing until moments ago. Changes back into his suit and tie and resolves that his kitchen will just have to be cleaned when he gets home.

He has gifts for a very special someone to go deliver. He scoops up the cake box and his keys and leaves his apartment for the Nexus. A certain magi's tower in the Nexus, to be exact. He does have the courtesy to text her to let her know he's on his way.

Still feels weird to announce 'I'm here to see Miss Verity Willis' to a wall of solid crystal though. Would it still open if he spoke in Japanese? Experiments for another time.

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The entire week has been a near constant roller coaster. Between discovering the fate of Verity's world, designing the memorial for the Nexus, interviewing with Schon and...revelations, the officer is completely drained when he wanders into his empty apartment at the end of the week, late evening and wiped.

The stillness of the apartment makes a numb sense of loneliness settle over him that makes eating seem like more trouble than it's worth. Might as well just settle in and read a book until he's too tired to stay awake anymore.

His tie is loosened, suit jacket hung up carefully. His holster comes off, followed by his cell phone, both set down on the counter. A pot of coffee maybe? Katsuya looks back at his cell phone.


It's scooped up immediately, speed dialing Verity's number. The officer worries at his bottom lip while he waits for it to ring.
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True to his word, Katsuya makes his way to the more quiet ends of the Nexus once he has a semblance of a plan in place for constructing a memorial for the casualties of the demon invasion that stemmed from his home.

He takes a seat near the newly made door to his world, trying hard not to overthink what is about to transpire.
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There is no pomp and circumstance as Katsuya pulls open the glass door leading back to his world. His home. Sumaru City. No witty mechanics or magics bar the path. One moment he and Verity are standing in the Nexus forum, the next they are facing the waters outside of the Konan Police department.

The noise is the first thing Verity will notice. The distinct hum of millions of people speaking a foreign language all around her. That being said most of the signs have at least made an effort to include English subtitles on them, to varying degrees of accuracy.

What little abnormality of this world is felt, rather than seen. As soon as Katsuya's feet touch pavement, there's a ripple in his senses as Helios scans the area for signs of demon activity. So second nature to him now. Like coming home. They walk past a vending machine selling soda, juice, cigarettes and beer--NasTea! the sign gleefully reads in sloping English letters that seem ill fitting considering the brand name.

It isn't until they are off the main road that Katsuya stops and gives his guest a small smile.

"Here we are. My home. What would you like to do first?"
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Nothing more comforting than routine.

A mug of black coffee, the daily paper, and a desk full of paperwork awaiting. Katsuya pinched his fingers to the bridge of his nose as he pulled his car to a stop at an intersection near the station. Headaches, so frequent these days pounded against his head, an insufferable onslaught of pressure and pain. He had forgotten something. Something important, he was certain. But no, his thermos was situated next to his briefcase and he had locked up on the way out.

What could it be? What had he forgotten?

It was a puzzle the officer pondered as he opened the door to the police station....and ended up somewhere else entirely.

Suou Katsuya had forgotten The Nexus.